Fast, simple, config-free, code-first POCO ORM for .NET

Perpetual, Royalty-Free, Per-developer Pricing use any version prior to maintenance expiration, in perpetuity

Unlimited usage, includes 12 months Software Maintenance & Commercial Support


For Individuals, non-profits or organizations with 10 employees or less

$149 /developer
  • Unlimited usage
  • 12 months Software Maintenance
  • Support Forums
  • Issue Tracker
  • Named License Indie licenses are tied to named developers and is non-transferable
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For large organizations with more than 10 total employees

$249 /developer
  • Unlimited usage
  • 12 months Software Maintenance
  • Support Forums
  • Issue Tracker
  • Floating License Business licenses can be transferred when a developer leaves a project
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Multiple License Discounts below are available for all purchases.

30% renewal discount is available for developer licenses renewed within 90 days.

Renewing extends Software Updates and Commerical Support for an additional 12 months.

Multiple Licenses Discount

Qty Discount
5-9 10%
10+ 20%
30+ Ask us about our Site License

Indie Renewal

$105 /developer
  • 12 months Software Maintenance
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Business Renewal

$175 /developer
  • 12 months Software Maintenance
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NuGet package contains support for .NET 6+, .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET v4.5+
Use .Core package if running ASP.NET Core on .NET Framework.

SQL Server

Using Microsoft.Data.SqlClient

Using SQL Server 2012 specific SqlGeography, SqlGeometry and SqlHierarchyId Types:


Using Async MySqlConnector:



Using Microsoft.Data.SQLite

Frequently asked questions

When is a Developer License required?

A developer license is required for each developer contributing .NET code to a project that references ServiceStack binaries (inc. transitive references). Licenses are not required for developers only building projects or only consuming ServiceStack Services.

Who can purchase Indie Licenses?

Indie licenses can only be purchased by an individual or a company with 10 or less total employees (excl non-profits) using their own funds, i.e. they can not be purchased (in any form) or reimbursed by any other company. Only registered non-profits can use Software Resellers to purchase Indie Licenses.

Can I upgrade from Indie to Business if needed?

Yes, when you upgrade to Business the un-used portion of your Indie license is discounted against the cost of your new Business licenses.

Can I reassign unused Business Developer licenses?

Yes, Business Developer licenses are floating and can be re-assigned when developers leave a project. List of registered licensed developers can be managed in your Account Page.

Can I upgrade between per-core plans without buying a new license?

Yes, you'll only maintain a single active subscription and upgrading replaces your existing subscription with the new one going forward. Any balance in the middle of a billing period gets automatically prorated by Stripe.

Can we mix and match between royalty-free and unlimited-developers licensing models?

No, you can only be registered to one licensing model at a time. You will need to cancel your existing subscription before you can move to the alternate licensing model.

Can we use customized builds of ServiceStack libraries under the commercial license?

Yes, Customers can use the Source Code Release published before their maintenance subscription expires, subject to the commercial license. E.g. any derivatives continue to be limited for use by licensed developers only.

How long is the 30% discounted Renewal pricing available?

Existing licenses must be renewed within 90 days after license expiration to qualify for the 30% renewal discount which extends the expiration of existing licenses by an additional 12 months software maintenance and commercial support.

What is the refund policy?

All purchases come with an unconditional 30 Day, 100% money back guarantee. Email us if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

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