.NET's missing high-performance utility belt

JSON, JSV, CSV, Http Utils, Auto Mapping, Dump Utils, .NET type extensions + more...
Write terse, intuitive, beautiful code that packs a punch:

var orgName = "ServiceStack";

var orgRepos = $"{orgName}/repos"
   .GetJsonFromUrl(httpReq => httpReq.UserAgent = "ServiceStack.Text")

$"Writing {orgName} Github Repositories:".Print();

var csvFilePath = $"~/{orgName}-repos.csv".MapAbsolutePath();
File.WriteAllText(csvFilePath, orgRepos.ToCsv());


Write this GitHub Org repository info out to a .csv spreadsheet:

  • 1. HTTP Utils - DRY, intuitive, convenience API's around .NET's WebRequest
  • 2. JSON Serializer
  • 3. Print() String extension
  • 4. Dump Utils - recursive, pretty-format dump of any C# POCOs
  • 5. MapAbsolutePath() String extension
  • 7. CSV Serializer
  • 8. View new .csv in spreadsheet viewer

Deep inside all of ServiceStack's premium libraries lies a high-performance core containing all of ServiceStack's super text powers. Centered around .NET's fastest full-featured JSON Serializer is a convenient utility belt containing 100's of extensions enhancing .NET's built-in String, Stream, Bytes, List, Dictionary, Reflection, Task, WebRequest types and more.


NuGet package contains support for .NET 6+, .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET v4.5+
Use .Core package if running ASP.NET Core on .NET Framework.

Android, iOS, Xamarin.Forms, UWP and WPF clients:

High-level libraries


A typed .NET client gateway for accessing Stripe's REST API to process merchant payments and recurring subscriptions online.